Against All Average

Back to the Present to Realize Your Future: Staying Grounded with Pieter Geldenhuys

Episode Summary

Pieter hails from the Stellenbosch Winelands, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Travel and tourism is in his blood, and during the last 25 years has sold airline tickets, guided ski groups in the alps, led hiking groups in Spain, arranged sports support tours to the UK and, in his current venture, arranges luxury photo safaris in Africa.

Episode Notes

Pieter has always had a list of other things he always wanted to do. 2020 - and the temporary obliteration of the inbound safari market -has opened the time and space to launch Shoshin Walks, which offers retreats on the world's epic hikes. He also suddenly had the time to finally write that romance/adventure novel, and as an Accelerator Trainer for EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) he trained entrepreneurs in 15 different countries on methods and systems to scale up their business. Most of this was done from his 2 year old son's bedroom.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Pieter is married to fellow tourism entrepreneur Caroline, and their favourite thing is spending time with their baby boys Matie and AJ... and of course, walks on Table Mountain with the black labs, Obi and Leia.

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Instagram: @shoshin_walks

Twitter: @luxurysafarisza


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